DevOps is a philosophy, not a title

In countless occasions, when searching for a job I’ve seen these titles:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Systems Engineer
  • Website and Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Superstar
  • DevOps Lead Developer
  • DevOps Automation Engineer.
  • Head of DevOps

But often, the job description includes things like:

  • Monitoring
  • DNS
  • Production systems support
  • Firewall setup
  • Disk images
  • Pager duty

How is any of this related to DevOps? In fact, there is no specific set of skills that a “DevOps Engineer” should have because there is no such thing as a “DevOps Engineer”. Such a title makes as much sense as “Agile Engineer” or “Senior Waterfall Developer”.

DevOps is a methodology, a way of doing things, not a task. Why do you think that a lot of web companies, both big (Google, Facebook) and small (Etsy, Flickr, Intent Media) are being successful at this DevOps thing? It’s because they do Devops, and not have a DevOps team.


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