Do personal projects, run into new problems

I had written a lot of code in my life but I never contributed to any open source projects. Because of that I didn’t have any code to show to colleagues or potential employees, everything was proprietary.

I realized then, that I in fact had done a lot of little scripts here and there and I could easily put them in a github or bitbucket repository.

Then I decided I could start playing with a new technology and put all the code, configuration, metadata, etc. in a github repository. Even if it was not generic enough to be reused by somebody else with a good amount of refactoring or reconfiguration, it would at the very least serve as documentation of my own work.

So I decided to work with Amazon Web Services and Puppet, two technologies that I had worked close to, but never hands-on.

So, in the process, I’ve found problems that I’d never encountered before. This is positive in two ways.

  1. Because it’s done on my own time, I’m not pressured to find just any hack to make it work. I can design a good, long-term solution.
  2. Whenever I work with these technologies in a professional project, I’ll be closer to the answer than I would’ve been if I had never used them.

So, go ahead and play with new toys!


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